Student Funding

Education and training are an investment that will pay off the rest of your life. More education can open doors of opportunity, financially and personally, for you, your family and your community. In the long-run, a post-secondary education can meanPlan_Funding

  • higher incomes
  • more opportunities
  • increased job security
  • being able to do work you love
  • being able to make a difference
  • building self-confidence

If you’re like most people, you’ll draw on a mix of resources to pay for your education—savings, jobs, family, scholarships,  bursaries, or government student aid. Whether you’re attending college or university or training as an apprentice, it’s important to study your options.

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Budget 2016 and Student Financial Support

Alberta’s publicly funded post-secondary institutions will receive $2.3 billion in operating grants in 2016-17. This is a 2 per cent increase over last year and includes $28 million to offset the second year of the tuition freeze and other targeted funding for post-secondary institutions.

There is approximately $240 million budgeted for student financial assistance.

  • $90M in scholarships for 49,000 students, of which $7M is for indigenous awards
  • $54M in bursaries and grants for 16,700 students
  • $60M for student loan and student debt management program administration
  • $7M for indigenous grant awards
  • $36M for program delivery

In addition, $579 million will be available for student loans to more than 77,000 students.